We are specialists in Accounting, Payroll and Statutory Service with more than 10 years of experience. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a professional service, guaranteed accuracy and highest level of confidentiality. We know that you business office accounting has been a high priority for you. We take care of all your accounting processing, from data entry through to the statutory and management reporting and filing, so you can focus on more important things. I am therefore please to propose an effective solution that I believe will minimize your in-house burden for accounting.

In a small and medium size organizations (startup’s) with limited office staff, the accounting and payroll functions have been suffering and is overburdened on the owner/ management. Outsourcing these office activities will enable the owners / management to focus on other aspects of the business. Our objective is to provide professional accounting and payroll service in a cost effective manner to such organizations.

• To provide professional accounting and payroll services.
• Provide these services in at a low cost than possible if done by in-house staff.
• Guarantee on-time delivery of payroll, accounts payable and other accounting services.
• To meet the statutory requirements and prepare accounts and financial reports for internal needs in compliance with the Accounting Standards.

Our aim is to provide you with the little extra, like an easy contact with your assigned account executive. We are always available to our customers, whether in our office or at their premises. We speak both local languages and English so that you can communicate easily with us both on a local and corporate level.

• Trial balance.
• Balance sheet, Profit and Loss / Income and Expenditure Statement and related disclosures.
• Subsidiary ledgers.
• Bank Accounts reconciliation.
• Reports for accounts receivable and accounts payable.
• Inter-company accounts reconciliation.
• The register of fixed assets and accumulated depreciation’s.
• Other reports are produced and customized according to client’s needs and requirements.

Introduction to Accountancy & Book Keeping:

Accountancy refers to a systematic knowledge of accounting. It explains “why to do” and “how to do” various aspects of accounting. It tells us why and how to prepare the books of accounts and how to summarize the accounting information and communicate it to the interested parties. Accounting refers to the actual process of preparing and presenting the accounts. In other words, it is the art of putting the academic knowledge of accountancy into practice.

Book keeping is a part of accounting and is concerned with record keeping or maintenance of books of accounts. It is often routine and clerical in nature.

Relationship between Accountancy, Accounting and Book keeping
Book keeping provides the basis for accounting and it is complementary to accounting process. Accounting begins where book-keeping ends. The terms Accounting and Accountancy are used synonymously.

Our Accounting Packages Includes:

1. Bookkeeping
• Set-up of the accounting system
• Recording of all transactions
• Regular monitoring of cash flow
• Account receivable and payables management
• Petty cash management
• Bank reconciliation and coordination
• Preparation of Service Tax Returns, TDS Returns, VAT Returns & Income Tax Returns, submit them to the respective Tax Authorities.

2. Payroll
• Preparing and maintaining employee records
• Checking accuracy of submitted expenses
• Payroll processing
• Computation of employee’s benefits
• Computation of employee’s end of service award
• Reimbursement of expenses

3. Preparation of Financial Statements
• Cash flow overview
• Profit & loss statement
• Balance sheet
• Fixed assets schedules

4. Audit Preparation
• Preparation of documents
• Audit consultation and assistance

5. Other Services
• Liaising with Government and other agencies
• Consultation on compliance issues
• General consultation on client-specific issues

Your services package will be tailor-made according to your needs. You may choose some services that is complementary to your set-up.

How we work?
We believe in simple and easy business model for our clients. We provide gamut of outsourcing services depending upon the needs and infrastructure of the Clients.
• Preliminary discussion with the client to understand the needs
• Study the current process & practice of the client
• Agree partnership / business model
• Define responsibilities
• Agree rules of engagement
• Execute engagement letter / engagement agreement
• Implement the project

If you are interested in outsourcing your accounting workload, try it by our way!

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